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Welcome to Annika Plummer Photography!

My name is Annika Grace Plummer, and I live and work in Dickinson, ND. I've always had an interest in photography and am pleased that at this point in my life, I can share my interest in photography with others through this website! My favorite things to photograph: rodeo, ranch work (brandings, weanings, etc.), people and landscapes. I guess that pretty much means everything! It is very satisfying for me to take pictures at an event like a branding or weaning. Oftentimes, the people who are branding or weaning don't have the time to take pictures; they're busy with the work at hand! But they often really appreciate the pictures from the event. It is very fun for me to be a part of that - showing them pictures from their event and creating memories for them! 

Rodeo photography is fast becoming a favorite of mine. Thanks to my brother and photographer uncle, I'm finding the best places to photograph the different events - and getting my timing better all the time. Rodeo has always been a family event. My dad still competes in the senior men's breakaway and sometimes team roping. My brother competes in steer wrestling and occasionally team roping. It's nice to be able to get pictures of them competing! 

I hope you enjoy this site! Please let me know if you have any questions!

If you are interested in purchasing a photo, please contact me! I will crop and edit the photo before having the photo sent to your home!

Annika Plummer
1093 2nd Ave. E.
Dickinson, ND 58601